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My Projects

I have applied my skills and expertise to organizational development projects in San Francisco and New York, as well as provided guidance to larger systemic and political initiatives. 

From 2021-2022, I was a partnering organizational development consultant with Momentum Collaborative, a Bay Area based consultancy that provides a multi-layered approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion work within companies and organizations. Clients included the California Academy of Sciences, Data and Society, Pantheon, and Smarter Balanced. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Work

I have worked with a Seattle-based technology firm to determine their pathway for deeper engagement in diversity, equity, and inclusion work, while also building the executive team's capacity to carry this work forward into the future to improve their institutional outreach and culture.


Living Our Values

I have a 60-person foundation as they operationalize their values within the organization. I am providing coaching and guidance to team leadership as the dynamics of the work changes due to the pandemic and the incorporation of racial equity work.

2021-02-16 (5).png

Community Engagement on School Integration

I worked with a faction of a community education council as they considered potential strategies for moving forward with school integration plans in light of fierce opposition and a tense political climate.

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