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As an organizational development consultant, my work and approach are rooted in the premise that human dynamics and conduct matter toward the success of organizations. My mission is to guide and support organizational leaders and teams as they strive to operate with a clear purpose and elevated intentions. I leverage my leadership experience to support three fundamental areas of every organization—sustainability, culture, and impact—with a shared understanding that refining these levers of change will ultimately lead to better outcomes for their key stakeholders.

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Strategic Planning

Leadership Development

Board Development

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Team Building

Values Development

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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Data Collection and Analysis

Program Design and Implementation

Drawing on close to thirty years of experience in the social sector, I have spent my career driving change in organizations with the goal of delivering the best outcomes possible for key stakeholders, including staff and board members.  In service to these direct beneficiaries of my organizations, I have focused on providing data-driven, continuous learning, and reflection to teams to empower them to be change agents in the bigger fight for social justice.


I apply a balance of theoretical knowledge and practical experience to organizations that are confronting change in dynamic and complex environments, driven by evolving demographics and volatile politics.

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